Axe & Bow Fanfic Archive & Directory

This is an archive and directory of fan fiction, artwork, and references based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. The archive was created as an adjunct to the Axe_Bow discussion list, and contains material likely to be of interest to list members. The primary focus here is on the characters Legolas and Gimli, and the relationship between them. We also welcome material concerning interactions between Elves and Dwarves, or Dwarven culture and history. Please see the Rules for Inclusion in the Archive for more details about archive content.

New: Axe & Bow Archive Goes Mobile

Stories stored in this archive are now available in Mobipocket format, for use with eReaders. This format will work with the Amazon Kindle, with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.), and some other readers. For those using readers not compatible with Mobipocket, free sofware such as Calibre can convert to your reader's preferred format.

Only stories actually stored in the archive are provided in mobile format, not those which are linked offsite. To obtain the Mobipocket version of a story, look up the story in the archive index. Beside the title there will be a format listing, showing the formats in which the story is available. Click on "Mobi" to download the file, which you can then store on your eReader.

Authors: If you upload a story in a text-based format (i.e., as a plain-text or HTML file), the archivist will create a Mobipocket file and add it to the archive, usually within a couple of days. Please note that if you choose to upload your story as a PDF file, a Mobi file will not automatically be created, as conversion from PDF to Mobi is unreliable. If you wish to have a Mobi file for your PDF story, you may contact the archivist and send a text-based version of the story (word-processor files are fine) for the conversion.

There is also an older archive associated with the Axe_Bow list, located here. This one has not been updated for quite a while, but there is a lot of good material there.

Navigating this archive is fairly simple. The links at left will give you access to the following pages:

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  • Search Archive: The interface to the archive's search engine, which allows feature-based searches. Use this if you're looking for specific types of story, or if you wish to exclude stories with certain features.

  • Random Archive Entry: Simply brings up a randomly-selected entry in the archive, which may be an archived story or a link to material elsewhere on the web.

  • Add Archive Entry: This is where you go to add an entry to the archive.

  • Axe_Bow List: The discussion list with which the archive is associated.

  • Contact Archivist: A page which allows you to send email to the archive manager. Please use this if you have problems using the archive or questions about it.