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The Price of Forgetfulness

by Almas Muse

Gimli stood outside the closed bedroom door, resting his head wearily against the frame. He simply couldn't believe it. This was the first time the elf barred him entry into their bedroom. "Legolas, please. You cannot be serious."

There was no reply from the other side of the door and the dwarf gave a deep sigh. "Beloved, come now. No more games. Let me in."

There was a faint shuffle. "I assure you, Master Dwarf, this is not a game," came the miffed retort. "How could you forget?"

Gimli didn't quite know how he could forget either. Legolas had been dropping hints for a fortnight prior, some more obvious than others. "I don't know," he said growing slightly annoyed by the elf's behavior. "Had I known you would act out this way, I would have taken better care. Since when did you care so much about...who was it again? Saint Valentinius? Who the hell is this guy anyway?"

There was the sound of a lock disengaging forcefully, then the door flew open and the elf poked his blond head out, his eyes bright with anger.

" I care because THIS was the day you were suppose to express your undying love for me."

"With chocolates?" Gimli exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

"Yes! You know how much I love those things, especially the ones with the caramel center. And flowers wouldn't have killed you either," he added, clearly put out.

Gimli pinched the bridge of his nose, momentarily speechless by the elf's antics. 'Was this the same warrior elf with whom he fought a bloody and horrific war? Was this the same elf who slew countless orcs, ran across the plains of Rohan, and stood before the Black Gates? And he is standing here asking, no demanding, chocolates!' Gimli felt like his sense of reality just tilted off to the side. "Legolas, this isn't even an elven holiday, let alone a dwarven one. Some Gondorian merchants probably got together and made the whole damn thing up so people would run around and frantically buy useless junk."

Legolas narrowed his eyes. "You are so insensitive."

"Insensitive!" Gimli waved a hand with a gold band on the ring finger. "I bonded with you. I declare my undying love for you everyday!"

"But not today and not with chocolates!" With that, Legolas slammed the door.

Gimli thought he would explode with frustration but he somehow managed to reel in his temper. In the end, he supposed if he remembered to bring the sweets he would not be in this situation. Now it's going to take weeks to reconcile with Legolas.

"I know Arwen encouraged you to immerse yourself in the culture while we stayed here in Gondor but don't you think you're taking it a BIT too far?"

There was no response and Gimli was about to walk away and settle himself on a couch somewhere when he realized something. "Hey," he said, banging on the bedroom door. "Where is my present?"

The End

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