Axe & Bow Archive Entry


Wedding Night

by Rei hime

Accompanied by the catcalls of several Elves (and at least one Hobbit), the pair made their way to their room, Legolas breaking into a run and diving on the bed.

"Yes! Finally!" He bounced eagerly on the mattress. "Gimli! Here! Now!"

The Dwarf smirked. "Impatient? It was your idea to wait."

"And we did, and it's done, now come here!!" He pounced on Gimli, kissing him frantically. Gimli responded likewise, carefully removing the Elf's virgin white clothes.

"Gimli!" Legolas groaned in frustration.

"Well, I don't want to ruin them."

"Why bother? I won't be able to wear them again anyway."

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