Axe & Bow Archive Entry


The Second

by Rei hime

"Thranduil!" Glóin growled, shoving his partner. "I don't want to hear about that!"

The Elvenking laughed merrily, steadying the goblet in his hands. "Don't spill my wine!" He smiled, regaining his balance. "You're such a prude sometimes!"

"Thran, I don't want to hear about our sons--"

"But it's funny!"

"How is it funny?!"

"Because apparently they believe they're the first to use that particular position."

"The first?" Glóin blinked. "We must've done that at least seven times."

"Nine," Thranduil corrected, sipping his wine.

"Aye, nine."

The Elf grinned wolfishly over the goblet's rim. "Want to make it an even ten?"

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