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The First

by Rei hime

Title: The First
Author: Rei-hime
Pairing: Gimli/Legolas; Celebrimbor/Narvi (mention of)
Rating: PG (for kinky positions and naughty use of furniture)
Warning: Interspecies slash
Disclaimer: (sighs) Not mine. Can I have them for my birthday?
Notes: My very first drabble! ^___^

"Are we the first?"

Legolas roused himself from his sated bliss to smile at Gimli. "Nay, Elvellon, we are not the first Elf and Dwarf to find love in one another." He snuggled closer before continuing. "Sweet Narvi lay with Celebrimbor atop a work table, limbs entwined, measurements and designs scattered about them, forgotten in the joy of their embrace."

Gimli cleared his throat. "That's a nice story, Legolas, but not what I meant."


"I meant, are we the first to use that position?"

He grinned. "Oh, yes, I'm quite certain we're the first to do that."

"Thought so."

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