Axe & Bow Archive Entry


Faramir's Fancy

by Rei hime

"Faramir?" Eowyn asked, wondering at her husband's amusement. "What is it?"

The Steward shook his head. "Gimli!" he laughed.

"What of him?"

"I was merely strolling along, having a pleasant chat with Legolas, when he marches over with a glare that would crumble a mountain, wrenches Legolas away, and practically drags him down the hall! Unbelievable!"

"You can't blame Gimli for feeling a bit possessive. After all, you do seem to have a fancy for willowy, blue-eyed blondes."

"Oh, darling, do leave your brother out of this," Faramir groaned before racing merrily away with his wife hot on his heels.

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