Axe & Bow Archive Entry


All Work and No Play

by Rei hime

Celebrimbor was waking behind him, rising from the bundle of blankets that served as their bed, but Narvi endeavored to remain focused on work. Many hours spent enjoying their new love had left them alarmingly behind schedule.

"All rested? Good. Come help."

"Of course." The Elf padded over, a smile playing at his lips.

"How should--?" Strong arms encircled his neck. With a growl that transcended annoyance, he realized Celebrimbor hadn't bothered to dress.

"No. We need to--" His ear was being nibbled.

He turned. "Khalebrimbur... "

His gaze was caught and held. "Yes?"

Narvi sighed, defeated.

"Get on the table."

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